Know English -Know cucumber

It belongs to gourd family.It is a creeping vine.It is a fruit and not a vegetable.We have 3 varieties.seedless,pickling and slicing.Inside temperature is twenty degrees less than outside.

It has nearly 16 calories energy in 100 grams.It has 650 mg.proteins in the same quantity.Its origin is India and it spread to Italy ,Greece then to North America.You may also say it belongs to pumpkin and watermelon family.

Low in calories,good amount of water,soluble fibre,good for weight loss and anti oxidant.

if you have it as a salad,make a sandwich and use it as a side dish ,it can reduce blood sugar level,( diabetes) .Peel extract is good for bowel movements.It can help dehydration and help in relieving constipation.

Good news! It reduces or removes bad breath. Avoids cancer. Helps in sun burn cases. You can use it as eye cover,removes fluffiness and cools the eye.

You can use after you have a nice Hang Over. It reduces stress and strain. It helps the skin to will have a healthy helps the nerves.It gives strength to intestinal muscles

Start from today.Have this wonderful fruit every day.

Cucumber a day keeps the doctor Away.

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