Rao’s Easy English Grammar

  1. Speech is the language we all speak,Speech has 8 distinctive parts.
  2. The name of a person,place or thing is called a NOUN.Mohan,Mumbai,The Ganga,Honesty,childhood,Gold.
  3. The word used in place of a noun is called a Pronoun. He in place of Mohan, the others are I,we,you,you,He.she,it,They.
  4. The word that defines or qualifies the noun or pronoun is called an Adjective. Example : beautiful girl,lovely child,wise king, twenty two students.
  5. The word which tells what the noun or pronoun does,doing or has done is called  a Verb. The action word. Example : you know,you have a car,she sang, do you like this?
  6. The word which modified the action word,oradjective or adverb is called Adverb, normally it ends in LY.Horse runs Fast.This colour is very dark.Run quickly or you will miss the bus.Do not take it very lightly.you can marry happily.
  7. The word indicating the relationship or the position of the noun or pronoun is called Preposition.at,in,by,to,on,upon,under,above,below,withintoo.for,near, over,etc.,
  8. The word that joins two words,phrases,clauses or sentences is called a Conjunction. Examples.and,but,therefore etc., The word used to. Express strong feeling ,emotion,joy,sorrow,regret,surprise etc., is called  An Interjection.Hurrah! Alas!Bravo!@Ah!what a sight, 
  9. There are eight parts of speech.
  10. noun, pronoun,adjective,verb, adverb,preposition,conjunction and interjection.

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