Welcome all who want to be here in this site.

Become a member of 


For a one time fee of Rs.1210/-  and

You can send in your news ,happenings good-news for  the readers.

This  site will never ever welcomes any intruder or hacker  and no obscene,immoral items, and pornos will be accepted for publishing.

Every city,town,village students excelling in any of the creative activities will be given a chance to be here in this site.

Students, schools, colleges their onetime fee will be informed soon.Why soon? why not now?

yes ,here it is.Rs.454/- for student,

schools Rs.940/-

colleges 1210/-

students you can send in your articles, stories,skits, poems  and anything you think worth as NEWS FOR THE BRETHREN

.If you are interested in acting as a co=ordinator for every area you too can become a member with one time fee  of Rs.220/- and you will be suitably appreciated for your efforts.

.Blessings and best wishes for a bright future to all of you.

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